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Sailing J29 BlackJack

Post Lockdown Sailing (3)

It was Sunday. Completely overcast and slightly chilly. I am going sailing nonetheless. I packed myself a couple of sandwiches and headed down to the marina. First thing first, I replaced the sun shield I use to protect the gas can from the blistering San Diego sun. It’s a cheap […]

Sailing J29 BlackJack

Los Coronados Not

I was down at the boat at 9:30 AM. There was very little wind. The forecast said little wind. GSF model said no wind. HRRR Grib in the morning said little wind. It was all a sham. As soon as I sailed out onto the bay, the wind started to […]

Sailing J29 BlackJack

Weekend Plan

I went to Koehler Kraft to arrange for BlackJack to get hauled out for some work in 3 weeks. This is going to be very exciting. I also took one of my old 3DL Genoas into Ullman Sails at their new location, which is right in my marina. The new […]

Sailing J29 BlackJack

A Head Banging Day Sail

The forecast called for relatively light winds, reaching 10 knots at 3 PM in the afternoon. I decided to go for a short day sail on my J29 sailboat BlackJack. I motor sailed out of the marina under mainsail. We were going to set #3 jib, but remembering the forecast, […]

Boat Gear and Maintenance

Failed Soft Shackle

Single-braid Dyneema is a godsend for anyone who wants to dabble in splicing lines for a sailboat. It’s very strong yet easy to work with, and not terribly expensive. This makes single-braid Dyneema ideal for DIY running rigging projects. DIY Rigging There are pros and cons to making your own […]