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Weekend Plan

I went to Koehler Kraft to arrange for BlackJack to get hauled out for some work in 3 weeks. This is going to be very exciting.

I also took one of my old 3DL Genoas into Ullman Sails at their new location, which is right in my marina.

The new Ullman loft looks great. They said they will be having an open house today. I hope things go well for them and that they stick around. It is very convenient to have a sail loft right in your marina.

I plan to go out on BlackJack tomorrow, but I am not quite sure how far or where to go. I would like to go around Los Coronados again, but not much wind is expected, and even if it was it will be blowing from the wrong direction.

Still, nothing is stopping me from just going. Or just sail out there aimlessly for that matter. I’ll look at HRRR grib in the morning and decide.

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