Lots of work has gone into J29 BlackJack since I started the re-fit a few years ago. Items are listed in more or less chronological order.

My philosophy is to keep things simple, safe and performant for single-handed sailing.

BlackJack goes to:
Koehler Kraft for yard work
SD1D Rigging for major rigging work
DIY for smaller projects, electronics, and ugly soft shackles.

2016 Refit

Engine Removal

Converted to outboard – Nissan (Tohatsu) MFS6B 20″
Removed gas inboard, prop, shaft. Hull glassed. (~100lb gone, no more thru-hull)
– Oct 2016

Bottom Paint

Racing bottom (by JAG) Interlux Ultra Kote
– Oct 2016

2018 Refit

Deck Non-Skid

Professionally re-painted (by JAG).
– Sep 2018

Spars and Standing Rigging

Mast and boom completely overhauled, stripped then powder-coated.
Standing rigging completely replaced with all new hardware
– Oct 2018

Jib Halyard

8mm Alpha Ropes D-CUP 78 KMIX (Grey/Blue) 100′
Tylaska T5 Snap Shackle with Stop Ball
– Nov 2018

Spinnaker Halyards

8mm Alpha Ropes D-CPU 78 KMIX (Grey/Green, Grey/Red) 100′ each
Tylaska T5 Snap Shackles, with Stop Balls
– Nov 2018

Main Halyard

8mm Alpha Ropes D-CPU 78 KMIX (Grey/Black) 100′
Tylaska H5 Halyard Shackle
– Nov 2018

Topping Lift

7mm Alpha Ropes SSR (Yellow) 55′
Wichard Snap Shackle
– Nov 2018


48:1 Cascade using Antal Rings and 29mm Harken Carbo blocks.
Dyneema legs and Samson 6mm MLX for purchase
– Nov 2018


In-boom 4:1 purchase – 6mm Samson Warpspeed Control
– Nov 2018

Boom Vang

Selden Rod Kicker 10S, custom boom bracket by SD1D rigging.
8:1 purchase
– Nov 2018

Headsail Foil

Harken Unit 0 Carbo Foil with Harken 7006 pre feeder
– Nov 2018

2019 DIY Projects and Re-Paint

Dyneema Lifelines

Stanchions and lifeline replaced
Lifeline 5mm Amsteel Blue
Lashing FSE Robline Dinghy Control 3mm
– June 2019

Mainsail Cunningham

I’m not too happy with this setup. I’m currently working out a setup using low friction rings.

4:1 purchase: 5mm Amsteel Blue AS78
Harken 2646 40mm Carbo Air Block
Harken 2149 T2 Single Block
– Jun 2019


Two B&G Triton2 Displays
B&G DST800 Thru-hull transducer
B&G Masthead Wind Sensor Unit
B&G ZG100 GPS Receiver / Compass / Gyro
– Purchased Jul 2018, finally installed Jul 2019

Navico TC300CX Tiller Pilot
– 2006 (?) I think.

DIY Mast mounted Instrument Pod
– Jul 2019

Yacht Devices NMEA2000 WiFi Router YDNR-02
Works great with iNavX on iPhone and iPad
– Oct 2019

Hatch Replacement

Read about the DIY replacement of the front hatch
Lewmar Ocean 60 Medium Profile
– Jul 2019

Mainsheet System

J105 Style Gross/Fine tune mounted on a plate
6:1 Gross Tune
4:1 Fine Tune – 5mm Amsteel Blue + Tapered Yale Cover
Harken 144 Standard Swivel Base
Harken 2660 75mm Carbo Air Block
Harken 2621 57mm Carbo Air Fiddle Block
Harken 2674 57mm Carbo Air Fiddle Ratchet Block
Harken 2670 75mm Ratchet Block
Harken 2690 75mm Fiddle Block
Harken 205 Standard Low Profile Swivel Base
– Aug 2019

Genoa Sheets

FSE Robline Admiral 5000 7/16″ 90′
DIY integrated Dyneema soft-shackle
– Aug 2019

Genoa Leads

Harken G224B x 2
Harken 22mm Low Profile Track
5:1 Genoa Control Lines – 5mm Amsteel Blue + Yale Cover
– Sep 2019

Primary Winch Upgrade

Harken 46.2STA Self-Tailing Radial Winch x 2
– Sep 2019


Balanced Rudder by CCI
– Nov 2019

Topside Paint

Hull painted at Koehler Kraft. Awlgrip 2 part Linear Polyurethane Enamel, Matterhorn White
– Nov 2019

Bottom Paint

Racing bottom (by Koehler) Interlux Ultra Kote with Graphite
– Nov 2019