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Post Lockdown Sailing (1)

Long gap since the last update. Let’s see, what happened since then?

Ah yes. We got as far as how BlackJack went to Koehler Kraft for bottom and keel work.

Lots of good work was done on BlackJack at Koehler. I’ll write about that later.

So what happened? Well, it started to rain every weekend. I’m a SoCal wimp. I didn’t sail for a couple of months.

Then just as I was getting ready to go back out, COVID19 hit.

We went into lockdown.

The Marina office closed.

Then recreational boating got banned on San Diego Bay.

It’s now June and things are finally easing up. We are now allowed to go sailing if you can practice social distancing on the boat.

I sail solo. I’m full-on socially distant.

I decided to go to the boat during the week to make sure everything is good.

It was sunny and beautiful. What a gorgeous weather.

Once I got to the boat, I found that the mainsail cunningham untangled itself and dangled into the water. There was marine growth on it. Yuk.

The bilge was full of rainwater too. Ewww.

I pumped out the bilge and washed down with fresh water. Then I pumped out the bilge completely dry.

There was no other issue. BlackJack looked good.

With everything in order, I ground some coffee beans with a mill. And poured a cup using my JetBoil.

A cup of freshly ground coffee is the best thing in a quiet marina.

BlackJack and I are just about ready to go sailing again. But it was the weekday and I had to return home.

I left the de-humidifier on full blast.

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