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Shaka vs SHTP – The Single Hander Irony

There are those who like to sail alone. Some even race to Hawaii alone. I have no immediate plans but would love to sail in such a race someday.

One of the attractions of sailing alone, for days in the case of the race to Hawaii, is getting away from society and people. No, I am not a hermit, but I do find comfort in the idea of getting away from ingrained human social patterns – like territorial behaviors.

Territorial behavior is a notion between two entities – “us against them”. Some sociable people easily find their place among others to be one of “us”.

Well, not me. I don’t consider myself very sociable. Growing up in Commonwealth and US, I was often that lone awkward Asian kid that stuck out like a sore thumb. I have always been one of “them” to most.

This is just who I am and I am fine with it. On the other hand, these forced social placements and accompanying awkward interactions get very old for me. This I can do without.

Assuming single-handed sailors to understand if not share the appreciation of this doesn’t seem far fetched. Such an assumption, however, may have been incorrect as I see public postings like those below by members of SF SSS against PSSA. Former runs Single Handed TransPac race to Hawaii, the latter runs Shaka Challenge race from LA to Hawaii.

I was hoping to join a community of like-minded sailors at some point, and participate in a race to Hawaii. Someday. I am now having second thoughts about the community part after seeing some of the posts. I think you see why.

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