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Day Sail and Laughing Sirens

I took out BlackJack, my J29 Sailboat for a day sail to try out all the new gears I recently installed.

There wasn’t much wind at first. I practiced tacking cross-sheeted, somewhat clumsily at times. I also tried and checked how well all the headsail trim controls worked.

I’m happy to report that the new genoa leads worked great. And the new Harken 46.2STA self-tailing winches, they are absolutely fantastic. A sheer joy to use.

Cross sheeting the genoa sheets make for easy trimming while driving single-handed.

I hove to and rewarded myself with a sandwich and a nap. It was warm, quiet, and the sky was clear. It was gorgeous.

Coming back into the bay, I found plenty of wind. BlackJack was happily power reaching. Which made me very happy.

I wish we could do this every day.

Nearing Ballast Point, there was a boat with a woman laughing hysterically. I think it was a laugh. More like a crazy laughing Siren, perhaps. The Siren was no doubt intoxicated but was very happy as well.

I guess we were all happy on this beautiful day.

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