Measuring the Rudder Attachment

Before CCI can start building the rudder, they need me to measure some dimensions.

Between some other jobs I was doing on the boat, I turned the boat around in the marina, took some measurements, then turned the boat around again. All by hand.

I used to do this sort of thing all the time, and by myself. It’s not that hard. My slip is upwind facing and somewhat protected. I saw 6-8 knots on the wind instrument which means there’s very little windage on the hull. J29 weighs 6000lb which is light enough that I can move and stop the boat myself on the water.

Still, it made me quite nervous pushing the boat out of the slip and spinning it around, because I’m all out of practice. It’s like being a sailboat newbie all over again, a feeling I don’t really enjoy.

The video is of me turning the boat around after taking the measurement. I did it slowly since I was nervous, the middle part is sped up by 10x. Oh, and I’m grabbing the boat by the lifeline, which is not a good idea. I wasn’t putting much force on it though.

There is stuff on the foredeck because I’m replacing the front hatch. This has turned into a bit of a saga, I hope I’ll be done with it soon.

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